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July 1, 2018
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July 1, 2018
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OptiStile 720

Swinging Barrier Glass Optical Turnstile

Gone are the days where clunky, large pedestals are required to have their presence felt. A combination of sleek, sophisticated styling with 35″ high swinging glass barriers, the OptiStile 720 provides increased access control suitable for a variety of environments.


Download OptiStile 720 Datasheet

Download OptiStile 720 – CAD

Download OptiStile 720 – CAD

Download OptiStile 720 – STD Revit

Download OptiStile 720 – ADA Revit

Download OptiStile 720 – Installation Photos


The combination of Gunnebo’s years of proven optical technology and an active glass barrier increases control, optimizes flow management, increases throughput and ensures overall security within the building environment.

Custom options such as housing finishes and design, lid and glass height options along with access control reader integration (prox, biometric, visitor management, etc.) make this product a great solution where design and functionality are of utmost importance.

With the integration of Gunnebo HMI (Human Machine Interface) touchscreen or remote pushbutton desktop controller (DTC), the OptiStile 720 provides remote locations with everything needed to fully tailor, control, and optimize the optical turnstiles to their specific requirements.

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