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July 1, 2018
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MP Touch 2

Desktop Remote Touchscreen Controller

The MP Touch 2 provides a facility to remotely open and close Entrance Control products from a single station, be it a reception desk or security office. The full-color touchscreen control consists of panel switches that can change the status of the unit. Each button is wired to the corresponding input of an Entrance Control product, giving control for up to 30 lanes or gates per MP Touch 2 console. The MP Touch 2 also provides useful reporting, including passage counts and time profiles for automatic gate mode changes.


Download MPTouch 2 Datasheet


The MP Touch 2 comes with a built-in web interface to configure the system. There is no need for RS232 ports or special software; it is possible to simply connect directly across the network with a web-enabled device.

The MP Touch 2 comes with a higher resolution 10” screen, allowing more information to be displayed. A high-specification graphics processor allows for intuitive and fluid UI design. The screen is a capacitive touchscreen, which allows for a lighter touch and the use of finger gestures to control the UI.

MP Touch 2 Key Features

• Larger LCD display with capacitive touchscreen
• 10″ hi-res screen—no need for external display
• Full-color touchscreen control
• RS485 control network minimizes cable routing
• Total passage counts to facilitate reporting
• Time profiles for automatic gate mode changes
• Web configuration interface
• Controls up to 30 lanes from a single console
• Ability to control each lane individually
• Stand-alone sleek design
• Redesigned enclosure on ball-mounted bracket

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