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July 1, 2018
RotaSec BA/EV
July 1, 2018
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Full-Height Pedestrian Gate for External Installation
Hand-operated, to be installed alongside RotaSec lanes

PedGate is designed to complement the RotaSec range of full-height turnstiles.

Aesthetic and robust design with 43.3″ ADA-compliant passageway for wheelchair or service access, delivered in kit form. Manual lock standard, electric lock optional. Available with painted, stainless steel, or custom finishes.


Download PedGate Datasheet


Applications include Production Facilities, Storage Facilities, Construction Sites, Stadiums, Ports &
Harbors, Government Buildings, Embassies…

Security & Safety Features

• Manually operated door leaves
• Logic voltage 24 Vac (electric lock option)
• Anti-pinching design construction
• With the mechanical lock, in the case of a power off scenario, the gate remains locked if this was the status
before the power off event. With the electric lock option, on a power off event, the gate can be pushed open
(fail open), or can be factory set to remain locked as option if desired (fail lock).

Fraud Detection
• Leave aisle timeout (electrical lock optional)
• Anti-crawling barrier


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