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OptiStile 400 Non-Barrier Optical Turnstile
OptiStile 400
July 1, 2018
SpeedStile BP
July 1, 2018
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OptiStile 700

Non-Barrier Optical Turnstile

The OptiStile 700 utitlizes a combination of stainless steel and glass materials, offering an ultra-modern design. The OptiStile 700 can be placed in tight spaces or extended lobbies where speed of throughput, security, and design are required.


Download OptiStile 700 Datasheet

Download OptiStile 700 – CAD

Download OptiStile 700 – CAD

Download OptiStile 700 Revit

Download OptiStile 700 Installations


Designed and built in the USA, the OptiStile 700 can be installed as a single ADA compliant lane or in combination with multiple lanes placed in parallel.

With the integration of a touchscreen or pushbutton controller, remote locations are provided with everything needed to fully tailor, control, and optimize the OptiStile to meet their specific site requirements.

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