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DTC Pushbutton Controller

Remote Desktop Controller for Entrance Control Turnstiles

Control at Your Fingertips
The Gunnebo Desktop Controller (DTC) is designed to assist security personnel with control of the turnstiles installed onsite. Designed to provide system support and operational flexibility to security personnel, the DTC is used to adjust the turnstile’s different modes of operations, change lane status, and provide entry/exit capabilities.


Download DTC Pushbutton – Datasheet

Download DTC Pushbutton – CAD

Download DTC Pushbutton – CAD


The DTC also plays an important role in visitor management and alarm recognition. For visitor management, the DTC is used to allow access in the entry and exit directions once
the visitor has been authorized to enter the secure space of a given area. For alarm recognition, the DTC monitors each lane and will light up when an alarm is generated, providing a visual identifier to security.

Application Type and Function

Offering a multi-dimensional approach to security and access, the DTC is designed to assist with the control of traffic through Gunnebo turnstiles in and out of secure spaces to the customer’s requirements.

DTC Product Advantages

• Enclosed design—no need for additional casings
• Angled casework for ease of use
• Can be flush-mounted within any security desk
• Control each turnstile lane with the push of a button
• Easily adjustable lane configuration changes
• Ability to close down any lane at any time
• Emergency release key switch
• Optional lock-out key switch or anti-tampering cover
• Supports any Gunnebo Entrance Control product
• Standard DTC supports up to 6 lanes

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