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July 1, 2018
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July 1, 2018
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Manual Full-Height Turnstile for Internal installation
Elegant and transparent design, silent and smooth operation

Available as 59.06” (1500mm) unit diameter, with three (120°) rotor elements for more passage clearance. Equipped with damper for silent mechanism and smooth operation.


Download RevoSec Datasheet


Gunnebo RevoSec is an elegant and transparent full-height turnstile available in many configurations: from the RevoSec FP with full stainless steel construction, roof, rounded glass panel infill, full panel glass wings and stainless steel column to the RevoSec FG, further enhanced by framed glass panel wings and brush strips. Delivered in a kit form, it is easily transported to the installation site.

Gunnebo RevoSec offers a standard electro-mechanical head able to prevent two passages at one time, equipped with damper for a silent mechanism and smooth operation. Passage in both directions is electronically controlled. For models FP and FG, a sensor restricts access to the dead area generating an alarm in case of passage in the unauthorized direction of passage. The door will lock and then release in this direction via a cornice mounted key switch. In the event of an emergency or power-off scenario, the unit can be configured fail-safe i.e. rotor freely rotates or fail-lock i.e. rotor locks. This option is available either in one or both directions of passage.